Structural Steel

Most structural steel fabrication orders require a number of finishing steps, including cutting to size, punching and rolling. Ernest-Spencer utilizes top of the line structural steel machines in all areas to get the job done with precision and efficiency.

Automated Line Drilling System

The Ocean Avenger line drilling system uses a CNC-driven travelling spindle to accurately and efficiently drill pre-programmed hole patterns along structural material positioned on the 55' worktable.

  • Beams to 40" tall x 55' length

  • Up to 2" material thickness

  • Material capabilities include Angle, Channel, Flatbar, Beam, Tubing and Pipe

  • Auto-programming from .dxf files

Iron Worker System

The Ernest-Spencer production floor utilizes multiple ironworker systems with varying capabilities, including the Piranha P90 (90 ton) and P50 (50 ton). The ironworker functions as a flexible fabrication cell, providing a range of metalworking functions in a single workstation. This helps reduce lead times on "hot" projects and custom orders.

  • Capabilities Include: Cutting to Length, Hole and Slot Punching, Notching, and Forming

  • Maximum Impression Force: 90 tons

  • Maximum Material Thickness: 1"

  • Versatile one-stop processing for many iron working tasks

Cutoff Sawing

We offer both automated and manual cutoff sawing capabilities.

  • Automated Vertical Cutoff Saw

  • CNC controls and programmable staging

  • Efficient, self-feeding table

  • Cutting Accuracy: +/- , 015"

  • Maximum Material Size:

  • 20"H x 20"W x 60'L

  • Quick changeover from job to job

  • Wide range of materials

  • Large Horizontal Structural Saw

  • Maximum Material Profile: 25" x 30"

Shaped Steel Roll

Our structural steel roll offers versatility in material types and shapes. With our variable speed 3-roll drive system we can roll almost any small - to medium-sized structural steel stock.

  • Minimum Inside Radius: 8"

  • Maximum Radius: Unlimited

  • Materials: Angle, Pipe, Round Tube, Square Tube, Solid Round and others

  • Capable of rolling custom profiles and extrusions with special tooling