Structural Steel

Most structural steel fabrication orders require a number of finishing steps, including cutting to size, punching and rolling. ESM utilizes top-of-the-line structural steel machines in all areas. Whether cutting, punching or rolling, we have the right equipment

Automated Line Drilling System

The Ocean Avenger line drilling system uses a CNC-driven travelling spindle to accurately and efficiently drill pre-programmed hole patterns along structural material positioned on the 55' worktable.

  • Beams to 40" tall x 55' length
  • Up to 2" material thickness
  • Material capabilities include Angle, Channel, Flatbar, Beam, Tubing and Pipe
  • Auto-programming from .dxf files

Iron Worker System

The Ernest-Spencer production floor utilizes multiple ironworker systems with varying capabilities, including the Piranha P90 (90 ton) and P50 (50 ton). The ironworker functions as a flexible fabrication cell, providing a range of metalworking functions in a single workstation. This helps reduce lead times on "hot" projects and custom orders.

  • Capabilities Include: Cutting to Length, Hole and Slot Punching, Notching, and Forming
  • Maximum Impression Force: 90 tons
  • Maximum Material Thickness: 1"
  • Versatile one-stop processing for many iron working tasks

Cutoff Sawing

We offer both automated and manual cutoff sawing capabilities.

  • Automated Vertical Cutoff Saw
  • CNC controls and programmable staging
  • Efficient, self-feeding table
  • Cutting Accuracy: +/- , 015"
  • Maximum Material Size:
  • 20"H x 20"W x 60'L
  • Quick changeover from job to job
  • Wide range of materials
  • Large Horizontal Structural Saw
  • Maximum Material Profile: 25" x 30"

Shaped Steel Roll

Our structural steel roll offers versatility in material types and shapes. With our variable speed 3-roll drive system we can roll almost any small - to medium-sized structural steel stock.

  • Minimum Inside Radius: 8"
  • Maximum Radius: Unlimited
  • Materials: Angle, Pipe, Round Tube, Square Tube, Solid Round and others
  • Capable of rolling custom profiles and extrusions with special tooling