Knowledge, Experience and Technology Working in Harmony

As our company has grown, we have not only gotten bigger, but we have also become smarter. Each of our production facilities is built and equipped with performance in mind, and we have continued to expand and grow to meet the needs of our customers. We continue to invest in the powerful, versatile and efficient work machines that deliver the many advantages of modern industrial technology.

With our three modern production facilities centrally located in eastern Kansas, Ernest-Spencer is able to serve customers throughout the American heartland and beyond. Our skilled and experienced employees come from the local communities surrounding our plants, and we value the dedication to excellence they bring to work with them every day. Many of our key support and production personnel have been with the company for decades, and our corporate culture nurtures and rewards exemplary performance.

Our Evolution Has Been Infused With Innovation

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Ernest-Spencer Inc. (ESI) was founded in the early 1920s, designing and building grain elevators and feed mills for agricultural facilities throughout the Midwest. As the company grew, the need for dependable parts fabrication to support construction installations became a critical need. This led to the establishment of an in-house metalworking department in 1984 to make the quality components required for precision construction.

The metal shop formally became Ernest-Spencer Metals (ESM) in 1993, and began offering high quality fabrication services to the outside world. ESM has since grown to become the largest of our divisions, serving OEM, industrial, engineering and construction clients throughout North America.

To round out the company's fabrication capabilities, Ernest-Spencer Custom Coatings (ESCC) was added in 2005 as a standalone powder coating and finishing facility. This essentially completed the production loop, allowing Ernest-Spencer to deliver fully finished parts ready to go into production, assembly or shipping.

As a fourth generation, family-owned business, we are proud of our strong, Midwestern heritage. We strive every day to build on the Ernest-Spencer tradition of quality, performance and value.


Serving American Industry For Nearly A Century

The Ernest-Spencer Companies have developed a highly respected reputation within our industry. We continue to make customer satisfaction our first priority, just as our founder, Ed Ernest, did four generations ago. As a result, we continue to expand our facilities, purchase the latest in manufacturing technology, and beef up our staff to accommodate the growing needs of our customers.

We regard our customers as partners and by helping them succeed we also hope to grow and prosper ourselves.