Plate & Sheet Processing

From small custom orders to large production runs of specialty pieces, our metal-working systems do it all with ease and efficiency. Complex shapes and precision machining are no problem for these powerful workhorses. Our full range of finishing capabilities for plate and sheet processing include rolling/shaping of curved surfaces, shearing, welding, and fasteners installation. Other value-added services are available including drilling, tapping, counter-sinking, etc. No matter what the processing needs are for your order, we have the right equipment to get the job done.


Our production floor features high performance CO² and fiber laser cutting machines, operating in both stand-alone and automated workcell configurations. In many cases the finished product is produced entirely on a single machine or within an automated workcell.

  • 60" x repositionable within 240" overall length

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 60" x 120"

  • Maximum Material Thickness: 1" Hot Rolled, 1/2" Stainless, 3/8" Aluminum, 5/16" Brass and Copper



Plasma cutting provides near laser-quality cut performance in a more cost efficient process. Larger, thicker plate handling capabilties support heavy component manufacturing.

  • 8' x 25' cutting table

  • Carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum stock

  • Cuts up to 3.5" mild steel with standard oxy fuel cut head, and up to 1.5" with high definition (precision) cut head

  • Imbedded video camera allows operator to precisely position and monitor the performance of the cutting head



For precision sheet bending and forming, Ernest-Spencer counts on the precision performance of our powerful CNC press brake machines.

  • Multiple-axis precision back gauges

  • Small and large radius bending on Carbon Steel, Stainless and Aluminum

  • Max Stock Length: 168"

  • Max Part Weight: 500 lbs.

  • Max Flange Length: 2'

  • Special Finishing: Punches and dies for hemming and flattening



Ernest-Spencer utilizes punch/laser combination machine that offers the cut quality and flexibility of a laser, but adds forming and punching capabilities in the same setup.

  • Max Impression: 33 tons

  • Max Material Thickness: .135"

  • Table Capacities: 60" width x lengths up to 144"

  • Punching Station utilizes a 58-tool turret

  • Forming tools for special applications or embossing

  • Laser cut edges



Our sheet roll system can form material to an endless variety of shapes, from broad bends to tight radii.

  • Max Width: 120" (Up to 1/2" Hot Rolled or 3/8" Stainless)

  • Min Rolled Diameter: 12"

  • Max Rolled Diameter: 16'

  • Capable of rolling cones as small as 10" diameter



Ernest-Spencer can provide a variety of methods of parts identification for serial numbers, inventory, assembly, traceability and other purposes.

  • Bar code labels

  • Permanent adhesive labels

  • Welded on ID tags

  • Laser etching

  • Stamped part numbers