Oversize Production

Do you need something built big? Ernest-Spencer is well equipped to handle oversize projects. We have the equipment, capacity and expertise to safely and efficiently handle your oversized fabrication needs.

Oversize capabilities include fabrication, finishing, assembly, shipping, and installation as a turnkey project, or we can provide any combination of services necessary to meet your needs.

Our experience includes producing large round and square vessels, structural steel components and assemblies, and other types of oversize metal fabrications.

Oversize Fabrication

Ernest-Spencer's modern, efficient manufacturing facility handles all aspects of large metal fabrication.

  • Oversize fabrication bays up to 40' x 125' x 25'

  • Large format metalworking equipment, including: plate roll, saws, plasma cutting, etc. to produce components for large weldments

  • Certified welders trained in welding large and thick plate materials

  • Lifting capacity up to 20 tons with overhead cranes (up to 50 tons with supplemental lifts)

  • Large capacity forklifts for moving oversize objects within the facility


If we can build it, we can paint it. Our fabrication facility is designed for oversize production, including our metal prep and painting capabilities.

  • Large format blast and paint booth capacities to handle objects up to 60' in length. Even longer lengths can be handled with temporary paint booth setups.

  • Paint Types: Epoxy, enamel, multi-part paint systems

  • The paint booths have heated air makeup systems to help force-cure liquid paints

  • Infrared heat lamps available to paint drying area


We can handle the logistics of getting your finished product to its final destination, anywhere in North America.

  • Experience in dealing with over-size loads

  • Our own fleet of regional delivery trucks for fast, cost-efficient service

  • Established relationships with common carriers and expediters for domestic and international shipping, customs, etc.